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Snow Plows


Holder is a world leader in the design and manufacture of articulated compact tractors. These multi-season, multi-purpose vehicles are relied upon by municipalities, large institutions, property maintenance and landscape firms, vineyards and plantations, forest management companies…



When your needs call for a multipurpose vehicle with unmatched versatility, look to the HOLDER C9.78. The industry's most durable and capable small tractor has an extensive list of accessories. Backed by over 100 years of heritage and leading innovation, the C9.78 provides year-round performance, while keeping you on budget.


242 tractor
Tap into over 100 years of heritage and quality with HOLDER. The C2.42 Multipark — a true all-season multipurpose vehicle — offers excellent safety in any weather, and under any conditions. You'll appreciate the low center of gravity and hydrostatic four wheel drive, all-round visibility with nine windows, breakaway mirrors and overhead work lights.


870 h tractor
You won't find a more versatile and dependable tractor. The C8.72H incorporates all of the benefits of the C9.72 — including a wet, multi-disc wedge brake system which provides quick response and low maintenance; an ergonomically designed cab which is built for comfort and productivity; and front and rear PTOs which can be engaged simultaneously without sacrificing productivity or power.


870 hf tractor
The forest can be an unforgiving workplace, so we’ve designed a very forgiving tractor. The C8.72HF incorporates all the advantages of the C8.72H plus additional features for the forestry industry — light and window limb guards to protect both operator and tractor, cast chassis and front grill, fiberglass hood, anti-shatter glass, rubber fenders, breakaway mirrors, and strobe light are all standard equipment.


a558 tractor
HOLDER’s agricultural tractor is the superior choice for cultivating, spraying, lawn care and’s all done easier and more effectively with a HOLDER A5.58.

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