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Fisher Plow Parts

One of the country's leading manufacturers of snow and ice removal equip-
ment Fisher Plow has been manufacturing snowplows for nearly 60 years
in the coastal city of Rockland, Maine. Through the years Fisher Plows have earned a solid reputation for reliability and strength - especially among commercial plowers.

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Attachment Kits

Commercial  l  Common  l  Dodge W250  l  Dodge W350  l  Ford  l  Ford F250  l  Tocoma  l  AR298 Kit  l  AM244B Kit

Other Kits

Filter Kit  l  Rubber Kit  l  Timbren Kit  l  Pump Kit  l  Pump Kit (Modular)  l  Relief Valve Repair Kit  l  Bearing Sleeve Kit

Harness Kits

Peculiar Harness Kit-Conventional  l  Harness End 7 Pin  l  Harness End 3 Pin  l  
Service Harness 9 Pin


Light Kit  l  Head Lamp Kit  l Sealed Light Beam  l  Lamp Housing


12V Motor 237W  l  Motor Assembly - 4-1/2   l  Motor Relay


1 x 3-5/16" Clevis Pin  l  1 X 4 Clevis Pin  l   1"OD x 4 3/4" - Clevis Pin  l   

3/4" X 2-3/16" - Base Angle Pin  l  Connecting Pin Assy


Spray Acrylic 12 oz Yellow  l  Fisher Yellow Paint 1 Gallon  l  Black Paint


Coil  Insta-Act Hydraulic Unit Assembly  l  Mud Flap  l  Spring Bar  l  Spring Bar w/ Spring  l  Base Lug  l  108 Cable Assembly  l  30" SLC Cable Assembly  l  EZ-V Joystick Control  l  Fish Stick Control  l  Filter  l  Flex Arm  l  Hub w/ Stub  l  Hydraulic Fluid (1 Quart)  l  Hydaulic Fluid (1 Gallon)  l  Lift Arm  l   Plow Guides  l  Plow Shoe  l  Poppet Check Valve  l  Pro Tube SS  l  Pump Assembly  l  Reservoir  l  Rubber Flap  l  Shoe Holder  l  Solenoid  l  Switch 






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