Road Maintenance

Bergkamp LogoBergkamp Inc. is an international leader in the design and manufacturing of asphalt pavement preservation equipment for contractors and government agencies. For more than 35 years, our equipment has provided cost effective road maintenance solutions proven to extend the life of highways, roads and parking lots.


Bergkamp’s FP5 Flameless Pothole Patcher provides the total package for pothole repairs that will last for years. Traditional ‘throw and go’ methods often deteriorate and require additional repairs. The FP5 lowers material costs by electrically maintaining proper hot mix temperatures, helping to eliminate waste and ensuring a more permanent patch. The FP5 features an insulated 5.1 cu. yd. hopper, self-cleaning, air assisted tack coat system, rear and curbside spoils bins, large access platform, and insulated tack coat storage tank.

Click here see how the Town of Irondequoit is benefiting from the FP5


The SP Series of spray injection pothole patchers provide a quick, simple patching solution. Bergkamp offers units with 5.0 and 7.5 cu. yd. hopper capacities, which are available as truck or trailer mounted units. Remote control versions are operated from the truck cab and manual versions are controlled by the operator on the ground. The SP features a Front Mounted Working Boom, Dual Aggregate Hopper, Operator Controls, Asphalt Emulsion Injection Nozzles, and a Dismountable Configuration.

Magnetic Manhole Cover Remover

The Break ‘N Take magnetic manhole lifter has 4 neodymium magnets that are capable of lifting up to 500 pounds, with impaction protection guards around the magnets. The handle is made of lightweight but durable aluminum, and it comes with a storage tray for mobility during transportation.