Snow Plows – Fisher

Dedication to quality and service has been a Fisher tradition from the start. Fisher Engineering has been manufacturing snowplows for more than 50 years in the coastal city of Rockland, Maine. Through the years our plows have earned a solid reputation for reliability and strength – especially among commercial plowers.

LD Series

Ideal for homeowners and non-commercial plowing situations, the FISHER® LD Series plows are specifically designed for compact and light 1/2 ton trucks as well as some sport-utility vehicles.

RD Series

The popular 7’6″ FISHER® RD snowplow is perfect for homeowners, small businesses and light commercial plowing applications.

HD Series

Built for the business of snowplowing, the rugged FISHER® HD Series plows will withstand the rigors of any and all commercial applications.

X Blade

You won’t find a commercial or municipal use snowplow built any tougher than this. Combine our exclusive X-BRACING design with premium, corrosion resistant stainless steel, and you get a snowplow that’s as rugged as it is striking!

EZ-V Series

For the busy plowing contractor who needs the ultimate in versatility and convenience, only the FISHER® EZ-V® adjustable V-Plow will do.

MC Series

Vehicles in the 17,000-27,500 GVW range used by municipalities and contractors in non-winter months require serious plowing equipment when the snow starts to fly.