Street Sweepers

The world’s leading manufacturer of outdoor surface cleaning equipment. Johntson and Global sweepers are manufactured using only the highest quality materials and components and are designed to deliver industry-leading sweeping technology. With durable, rugged construction, high performance and a design that meets all international safety and environmental standards, your Johnston or Global sweeper sets the benchmark for sweeper quality.

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Vacuum Sweepers

Johnston VT651

To date, there are more than 20,000 of the VT650 machines in service throughout the world.

Its reputation for low maintenance is legendary. Its trademark gearbox driven vacuum fan and 415 gallon stainless water tank has made it the repeat choice in New York.

The VT651 is available with a unique water recirculation system which filters water from the debris hopper resulting in less water useage and greater productivity.

Johnston VT801

Its trademark gearbox driven vacuum fan and 534 gallon stainless water tank has made it the favorite and repeat choice of governments, contractors, cities, towns and municipalities.

Mechanical Sweepers

Global M3

Global had a single design target for the M3, which was to have more sweeper for your money. From the sleek new look, to the operator tailored cabs and controls the M3 is the “one pass” machine of choice.

The M3 incorporates the most modern and advanced technology in its design, power, versatility and productivity.

Global M4

The Global M4 is a hydrostatic drive machine with a wealth of pure, raw power. This sweeper passed the formidable California Department of Transportation sweeper acceptance test where it was required to sweep up heavy sand at the rate of 3 tons per minute!

Regenerative Sweepers


Taking Air Sweeping to a New Altitude! The RT655is a product of engineering genius, designed and built to meet the rigorous standards of today’s highly regulated sweeping requirements. It is an air re-generative sweeper that was designed to scrupulously clean the surfaces that nature, humans and machines pollute.

The RT655 features a gearbox driven blower, which eliminates belts and other high wear components, resulting in a lower cost of operation.